Attestations Attestations


Documents issued by authorities in Germany :

The Mission legalizes the German documents on the basis of signature and seal of the District Court (Landgericht) concerned.

Documents issued by authorities in India :

Legalization/ Apostille of public documents issued by the Indian authorities is NOT recognized by German authorities. Such documents may require verification by the German authorities for use in Germany. It is advised to check with the concerned German Authority/Institution about the procedure for acceptance of documents issued by the Indian authorities.


  1. Attestation of affidavits/documents pertaining to sale, purchase, power of attorney, mortgage, transfer, gift, etc. of real estate or moveable properties. 25
  2. Attestation of civil documents (affidavits, educational degree, sponsorship certificates, marriage certificates, wills, Power of Attorney etc. € 12
  3. Attestation of Trade/Commercial documents or issue of any certificate pertaining to exports from foreign country to India. 62
  4. Attestation of pension papers, life certificate etc. pertaining to pensioners. Gratis
  5. Other miscellaneous attestations, issue of civil certificates, notarial services not falling within any of above categories, registration of birth & a certified copy of the entry. 25

Note :

  1. The rates are per attestation and the pages on which Mission/Post’s round seal is affixed will not be charged extra.
  2. In addition, consular surcharge of 2 shall be levied for all consular services.