Postal Applications Postal Applications

Postal Applications

Procedure For Postal Application

Application can be deposited at the counter on any working day during the public dealing hours. Alternatively, Passport and other miscellaneous applications may be sent by post to the concerned Embassy or the Consulates. Applicants are requested to first check the consular jurisdiction so that they send their applications to the right consular office of the Embassy or Consulates, which is responsible for handling their cases. Postal applicants are required to send a self-addressed medium size envelope containing stamp for registered post for return of documents unless the documents are to be collected in person on due date.

All postal applicants are required to send complete application form with all required supporting documents along with a proof of bank transfer of consular fee and consular surcharge.

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Please note that incomplete application forms will be processed and returned to the applicants. The Consular Wings of the Embassy or the Consulate will not be responsible for postal delay and loss of documents in the post.

Please also note that visa applications sent by post directly to the Embassy or the Consulates will not be accepted. Visa applicants are requested to send their postal applications to the concerned visa outsourced agency.