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FAQ's - Surrender Certification

Embassy of India, Berlin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Surrender Certificate

Sr. No.




How can I apply for Surrender Certificate?

Please go to the link : https://portal6.passportindia.gov.in/and apply. The application is to be submitted online along with the documents (Please see below)


What all documents do I need to provide?


My passport has been taken by the German authorities while processing my German passport. What is the procedure for getting the surrender certificate now?

Applicant needs to submit his/her application at the Embassy mentioning that his/her passport was deposited with the German authorities. Please follow up with the concerned German authority to ensure that the passport is sent to the Embassy of India. The surrender process can start only after the Indian passport of the applicant is received by the Embassy of India.


Whose details needs to be filled in Particulars Form?

Form 22 : https://www.indianembassyberlin.gov.in/pdf/Form_08062022.pdf^

Please NOTE: The Particulars Form is not to be signed by the applicant but by another Indian national who can verify the identity of the applicant.


How can I submit my application?

  • Applicant can personally submit the application at Embassy of India, Berlin on any working day between 9:30hrs - 12:30hrs.

  • Applicant can also post the application along with all required documents to Embassy of India, Berlin (Consular Wing)

Postal address : Tiergartenstraße 17, 10785 Berlin, Germany.



What is the fee for Surrender Certificate?

82 Euros (including all charges)


How can I deposit the fee?

The preferred mode of payment is bank transfer. Please see details here:https://www.indianembassyberlin.gov.in/pages?id=Mg,,&subid=MTY0 In case of an urgent process, you can deposit the fee in cash at the Embassy. There is no other mode of payment


Bank Details

IBAN: DE59100100100631068104


Bank: Postbank Berlin

Account No. 631068104

BLZ: 10010010


Remarks : To be entered in ‘Payment description’

Please use the following format in the payment description : Surr_ApplicationNumber_ApplicantsName

For Example : Surr_22-2000857346_MuktaSingh


I have filled the form and deposited it personally at the Embassy. What are the next steps?

Once the application is submitted the applicant can track the status of the application on the Sewa portal.


After acquiring foreign nationality when do I need to surrender my passport?

After obtaining foreign nationality the applicant needs to surrender his/her Passport within 3 years. Please note that you must surrender your Indian passport before travelling to India.


How can I collect my Surrender Certificate

Applicant can visit the Embassy after receiving the confirmation mail that his/her Surrender Certificate is ready for collection between Mon-Fri from 04:00hrs to 05:00hrs.


Applicant needs to send a self addressed envelope with stamps worth 4.25 euros in order to send the Surrender Certificate via post.


I have different query

Please contact us on cons.berlin@mea.gov.in

Remarks : Please write in Subject : SURRENDER CERTIFICATE QUERY